Resume of Kevin Smith

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Principal, kirinos engineering; Sunnyvale, ca — 1994-2011

I’ve worked in the biotech, medical instrument, chemical, aerospace, communications, laser, and military environments. I am experienced with a wide range of bench top instrumentation, motion controllers, cameras and imaging equipment, and computer based control and analysis. I am trained and experienced with basic concepts of sensors, calibration, and low-noise setup. My strongest strength is as a trouble shooter and diagnostician.

I was one of the first Certified LabVIEW developers and teachers (1995) having taught over 35 classes for National Instruments. I have used LabVIEW since version 1 and been a beta tester on ten NI products. Expert with LabVIEW, LabVIEW RealTime, NI Vision, NI Motion, and DAQ. I have used LabVIEW every day for the past 22 years.

Director of systems engineering, u.s. windpower; Livermore, cA — 1989-1994

Responsible for a team of 35 engineers and technicians that designed, bench and field tested, certified, and deployed the first large-scale variable-speed wind turbine around the world. Helped bring that company public.

Senior Engineer, CSA Engineering;  Palo alto, ca— 1984-1989

Contract engineering that was wide ranging but specialized in start-of-the-art mechanical analysis, design, and testing of military weapons systems. A very fast paced, fixed price, innovative environment.

Development Engineer, nicolet Scientific; Northvale, NJ — 1982-1984

Responsible for developing methods and software for commercial modal analysis and signal processing applications for embedding on the companies spectrum and signal analyzers.


University of Illinois, MS Theoretical and Applied Mechanics — 1982
University of Illinois, BS Engineering Mechanics — 1980


The Exidy Sorcerer circa 1979.

With Z80 machine code I interfaced it

to one of the first 8-bit A/D converters (top middle). I wrote a Fourier transform in Basic from a description in Byte magazine.

The skeleton of a working hovercraft I built when I was 14. That’s me on the right.

The morning when the first commercial variable-speed wind turbine flew for the first time.