Clients & Projects / Kirinos Engineering


Partial Project list

• Full control of an ALD tool using Compact Field Point.
• Over one dozen reliability stands for a bright-field inspector.
• Portable Gas-panel monitoring package installed in 15 different fabs.

• Full-featured tool (including RGA) for real-time process monitoring of flat-panel manufacturing.

• Five different manufacturing / inspection tools for RTP, heavy lamp tools in US and Japan.

• Characterization of MEMS projectors.

• Extensive automated testing of e-beam guns, lenses, and columns.

Solar / Wind / Petroleum

• Full characterization tester (including solar simulator) for PVs.

• Extensive test systems for bench, reliability, field testing of wind turbines.

• Reactor automation for catalyst discovery.

• High-throughput distiller for petroleum characterization

• Automation of pre-production anti-reflection coater.

• Full production test and calibration of point-to-point microwave communications.
• Phone printer production test.
• Extensive fiber testers, aligners, characterizers.


• Full R&D and manufacturing test of tunable lasers.
• Medical laser production test.

Biotech / Chemistry / Medical
• Full automation of the first 96-lane gel sequencer.

• Test and characterization of medical stents.

• Variety of medical devices manufacturing and R&D.

• High-throughput, automated polymer preparation.

• Automated parallel rheometer with characterization.

Partial Client list

Apple Computer    Affymetrix    AKT    Applied Materials    Angstron    Boston Instruments    Cal-Weld

Coherent    Corsair Communications    Crossbox Technology    Fox Shocks    Gene Machines

Guidant    Hewlett-Packard    Hitachi    Incyte Genetics    Intelleflex    KLA-Tencor    LifeScan

Linear Technology    Netro    New Focus    Novellus    OptiMedica    Philips    Rockshox    Silicon Light Machines

• Solar Notion    Target Therapeutics    VNUS Medical    Wave Optics    XeroCoat    Xerox

Collaboration - Many of these projects were done collaborating with Pacific Optical Solutions, Inc. in San Jose ( They are experienced mechanical / optical designers that have their own manufacturing capabilities for prototyping and limited-run manufacturing. Teaming our capabilities has produced dozens of successful reliability and manufacturing test systems.